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Rose Gold Collective's experiential event marketing campaigns engage, delight and inspire the customer, while creating an emotional attachment to your brand designed to last.


Adding experiential elements to an event is more about the interactions between the brand and the customer, with the primary purpose to experience the brand in a tangible, offline way, but still with a digital dialogue around it. You want an integrated approach to event campaigns so that people live and feel the experience, while at the same time talk and share about it.

Event Technology


We integrate event technology to create a seamless, interactive experience for attendees. Rose Gold Collective offers guidance in choosing the right event technology that can create a better event attendee experience.


Below are just some of the technologies we suggest and include in corporate events. 


Networking Bands

RFID networking bands are a great way to ditch the business cards and get guests connecting while receiving their connections digitally to their mailbox.  No business cards needed at your next networking event. Guests can simply bump wristbands and share CV contacts with each other and their contacts appear in a dashboard in live time. 



RFID Technology has many uses at events from crowd control to connectivity to ability to initiate content and voting. Contact us today to find out how we can creatively integrate RFID technology at your next event.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence at BtoB events has many benefits for event and meeting planners. We can assist with analyzing live data at registration and sponsorship locations due to eye gaze and engagement levels. Want to know instant feedback on speakers? Authentic reactions from emotional reactions can be read for accurate attendee feedback.


Event App
An event app can solve many event planning, and producing headaches as well as offer a clean, professional layout for guests. Rose Gold Collectively carefully creates a turnkey option for any type event and budget. From basic to fully customized apps at a range of budgets to help keep your conference guests connected. It's also a more sustainable solution than reprinting agendas! 

Photo Mosaics

Interactive photo mosaics make a huge impact at events! Give your guests a hands-on experience they won't forget. Hashtag and onsite photos are printed in seconds for guests or brand ambassador to place on the photo mosaic wall. Your final masterpiece will come together over the course of the event to unveil your logo or custom design.

Updated Displays

Displaying content and demos can be elevated with the newest designs in technology screens such as the oversized, touch screen display. Guests can engage with schedules, content and an app integration.

These, and other technologies, are increasingly making experiences more immersive, intelligent and interconnected. There is no denying the dynamic growth of technologies are the drivers of a seamless experience between brand, consumers and business decision makers. And for brands to use these emerging technologies effectively, they need a partner that can provide a strategic, creative and technological vision.

At Rose Gold Collective, our team or storytellers, designers, strategists, producers and coders design and create experiential events that seamlessly integrate with the latest technologies in ways that are engaging, effective and measurable. Whether it's a a B2B conference, a product launch or a corporate conference, we can create experiences that build brand advocates and that truly connect with your audience in memorable ways.


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